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Awapuni Sustainable Development Centre

Education is a big part of this complex process.

Take one rubbish dump cover the landfill with clay, capture and convert the methane gas to power the entire centre. Separate plastics, aluminium, steel, glass, paper and cardboard to be recycled into usable products and presto you have a Resource Recovery park. I worked with TBL and educators to produce educational materials that engage inform and enable positive action.

Opened by the Prime Minister in February 2007 this project won Green Ribbon Award in 2010.

Client: Palmerston North City Council

Key Design Elements
  • Identity and promotional material.
    “Going Greener” brand.
  • Exhibition development
    “Going Greener…cause we’ve only got one planet”.
  • Video production
    “Recycling…cause we’ve only got one planet”.
  • Educational packages
    “Going Greener… reduce, reuse, recycle”
  • Way finding system
    Introduce branding and image into way finding.
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